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The Mind Prophet Brad Wegner Mind Coach


“Formal education

will make you a living;


will make you a fortune”


This famous quote from Jim Rohn sums up Brad Wegner superbly, and with self-education, a fortune has been made.


Starting his first business at the tender age of six, Brad hand-built a wooden push cart with his Pop, painted “FOOD MOBILE” on the front, collected fruit and vegetables from the neighbouring homes (with a promise of a cut of the profits), then went door to door selling his goods. This very successful venture stoked an entrepreneurial fire in Brad that, over the next few decades, would ignite multiple successful business endeavours.


From that first venture, Brad became aware that his customers were not buying the produce in his cart; rather they were buying him - a confident and charming six-year-old door knocking the neighbourhood to make money.


Fast forward four decades and Brad’s business tenacity is still on fire, blazing a trail that’s inspirational and highly respected across many industries. His business acumen is sharp, and his ability to create opportunities and bring ideas to fruition to an ever-changing market of savvy consumers is enviable amongst his peers.


Brad has created $130,000,000+++ income from ground-up start-ups in industries from furniture, to hospitality, fashion, marketing and many more. He has built nationally recognised brands and has an intuitive knack for understanding consumers’ wants and behaviours.


Adding to this, Brad is a very successful and experienced property developer completing projects including luxury homes, large scale industrial sites, mixed residential/commercial builds, through to a premium beachfront residential apartment complex.


Brad has travelled extensively around the globe, expanding his network of contacts and garnering global knowledge. When travelling for business, Brad loves including side trips so he can add to his “experiences” library. Perhaps he’ll charter a helicopter, flying at an altitude of 8300 metres just below the summit of Mt Everest, or cheer on Australia at the Maui Women’s Pro finals, or he might participate in a spiritual ritual at sunrise on the River Ganges in Varanasi India, or explore the ancient ruins of the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China.

Brad’s home base is Brisbane, Australia, where he lives on a stunning acreage property on the city fringe. Brad is married to Karly, his partner and wife of almost three decades, and has three young children, Luka, Phoenix and Eden, who he completely and utterly adores, – along with two dogs, one cat, six chickens and a few goldfish.


Over the past two decades, Brad’s fascination with the mind and the unutilised power it holds has inspired him to pursue this area of interest with the same tenacity he applies to business ventures. This is his calling, his true purpose.

Working with this knowledge and taking the journey himself, Brad has moved from successful to victorious by unlocking under-utilised mind power to create more time, more money and true happiness in his life. Brad has studied tirelessly in this field and is recognised by organisations such as The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Brad passes on all of his incredible wisdom and enthusiasm to those who are lucky enough to work with him. While predominantly based in Australia, Brad is widely known as the


Super Coach from Down Under


due to the large volume of coaching Brad conducts with American clients. His knowledge, his calm demeanour, and his results-driven coaching process has seen American clients fall in love with his coaching, and continue to recommend him highly.

Brad is an entrepreneur and visionary who is a highly successful and influential business leader across many industries. He’s a business owner and investor, and internationally sought-after business and mindset coach, public speaker and mentor.

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