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Move from Successful to 


10 week level up program +++


ABOUT coach brad

Creating multiple ground up businesses with income in excess of $130,000,000++, Brad Wegner is an immensely successful and influential business leader. His impressive skill set and love of mind mastery has launched him as a highly sought after business and mindset coach. He possesses an extraordinary ability to move his clients from being successful to FCUKING VICTORIOUS in business and in self.


Brad provides bespoke business and mindset coaching to guide his clients to level up and create their perfect life by design. Brad primarily works with successful business owners and professionals in the USA and Australia.


His motto for his clients is





Brad Wegner Super Coach

let's do this

38 Minute blueprint STRATEGY CALL

In this inspiring 38 minute BLUEPRINT SESSION we get real about you.  We start with a virtual "meet and greet" to ensure the partnership is a "best fit" for both parties.  Then the program is explained and we begin creating your NEXT SEASON blueprint.  Then we kick off your journey taking the first steps towards your FCUKING VICTORIOUS  future.  YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN

The Mind Profit
money mastery program

You may or may not already be a MONEY MAGNET.  This program will teach you in weeks what could take years or decades to master.  The result is you  MAKE MORE MONEYHAVE MORE MONEYKEEP MORE MONEY!!  Simply put, this is next level WEALTH COACHING all successful business owners and professionals need to master.

10 wEEK
successful TO
fCUking Victorious

Brad is a world class coach with world class credentials.  In this EPIC ten week program Brad guides you from being successful to FCUKING VICTORIOUS both in life and in self.  This transformational program will arm you with knowledge and strategies to truly level up and culminate in you possessing MORE TIME, MORE MONEY and TRUE HAPPINESS.

advanced mindset to create an unstoppable you

Imagine being the absolute BEST VERSION of you who is completely FCUKING UNSTOPPABLE.  Following on from the fcuking victorious program, here you will develop the most advanced and powerful strategies further progressing your life by design, producing an invincible MINDSET LEGACY, MONEY LEGACY, and LIFE LEGACY.  Your results will produce EPIC REVERBERATIONS throughout your life and elevate you to EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS.

super coach
for one year

Visualise the power you wield in life having YOUR VERY OWN SUPER COACH and mind master as part of your PERSONAL ARSENOL.  Someone who has your back and understands you, someone who you trust to guide you to be your best self, growing continuously, resulting in more time, more money, supreme health and an EPIC LIFE.  This is the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER and will give you the skill to collapse time and achieve anything.

pay as you go
super coach

Work directly with Brad on specific problems or obstacles requiring guidance and resolution or for high performance advice in business and in self engaged at an hourly fee. Whether you need more life changing gold nuggets of advice, or require additional mindset change when needed, or are new to Coach Brad and need specified wisdom, this hourly package is the ideal flexible option.


The Mind Prophet Brad Wegner Mind Coach


“ ..... witnessing the incredible growth .... I cannot recommend him highly enough as a business coach. .... sharp intuition and his guidance and support has helped my business grow and expand through all that I’ve learnt through him. I am so grateful for Brad and how he puts his heart and soul into all that he does and the energy he brings to the table. ”

The Mind Prophet Brad Wegner Mind Coach


“ .... I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with obstacles I was facing both personally and professionally. I reached out to Brad who guided me and helped me gain clarity to get in the right mind set to move forward with a new confidence I have never experienced before. ”

The Mind Prophet Brad Wegner Mind Coach


“ Brads knowledge of business and how the mind works, along with his calm demeanour worked so well for me and was just what I needed. The support offered, the tools I have been given and the understanding of my own values and goals has pushed me both personally and in my business - Coach Brad has been invaluable for me and came at just the right time - THANK YOU!! ”

Mindset Coach

DARREN S's weird... I felt 'mighty!'


I just felt my chest puffing up and this real sense of power. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

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